Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Take 2!!!!:D

Hey yall!!

If you read my first post hello again!!! I apologize for going sooooooo long without posting anything else. If you are new to my blog then welcome!!! If you do read my first post it's basically discussing how I want everyone to achieve optimal health and thus, happiness. First I wanted to achieve for myself which is why I started the blog.... to share my journey of achieving health and happiness with others. Well I'm not going to lie. I lost myself for about a year but now I am back and more excited than ever to share my journey with you. FOR REALS this time!!! I'll be doing so via video and posts. I am still studying to be a registered dietitian and am now a personal trainer (in the last update on myself I was studying to be a personal trainer). I also teach dance which I love and am still a group fitness instructor which is super duper fun!!! I am researching and studying TONS so I plan on sharing what I learn with YOU in hopes that some tid bit of knowledge I pass along can help YOU reach your goals of health and happiness. Alrighty, I am going to go plan my posts and research some more so I will talk to you lovely folks later!!! Have a happy and healthy day!!!

<3 Haley

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